SAN DIEGO, CA – August  28, 2013 – GLYSENS INCORPORATED’S recent developments are discussed in a feature story in today’s San Diego Union-Tribune by Staff Writer Bradley Fikes, entitled, “Center Stage in Diabetes Battle.”

San Diego biomedical companies have made big strides and continue to play major role in development of treatments.

Privately held GlySens is developing an implanted glucose sensor meant to last for at least a year, said Chief Executive Joseph Lucisano.  An animal trial completed in 2010 gave encouraging results.  More recently, GlySens completed a feasibility trial of the sensor on six people for six months.

The main advantage of long-term sensor implants is ease of use, which will encourage patient adoption, said Joseph M. Smith, chief medical and scientific officer for West Health Institute. The La Jolla-based not-for-profit funds development of technology to reduce the cost of health care.

“That’s just the kind of technology we’re going to need to reduce the footprint of this disease on those who struggle with it,” Smith said.  Read more…