SAN DIEGO, CA – July 29, 2010 – GLYSENS INCORPORATED is profiled in a front-page story in today’s San Diego Union-Tribune by Staff Writer Keith Darcé, entitled, “SD company hopes monitor will revolutionize diabetes care.”

A small San Diego medical device company and a UCSD scientist believe they’ve come up with the solution to a problem that has long vexed people with diabetes: a device that constantly monitors blood-sugar levels without painful finger pricks or frequent maintenance.

GlySens is seeking permission from the Food and Drug Administration to launch a pilot study testing its implanted wireless sensor in about a dozen people with diabetes. The request came after researchers completed trials of the device on animals.

On Wednesday, University of California San Diego bioengineering professor David Gough and several GlySens researchers published results from the final study on a pair of pigs in the journal Science Translational Medicine.  Read more…