Bethesda, MD – November 14, 2008 – GLYSENS INCORPORATED’S presentation entitled “Long-term Results of a Subcutaneous Glucose Sensor in Animals” was selected as the Best Submission at the eighth annual meeting of the Diabetes Technology Society. The annual meeting, held this year November 13-15 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, is a premier scientific venue for discussion of new technology developments related to the care of diabetes. More than 600 scientists and clinicians from 24 countries are in attendance.

GlySens’s presentation was selected by the Society’s review committee as the best submission from all submitted abstracts and presentations, announced Dr. David Klonoff, the Society’s President and Chair of the meeting’s Planning Committee, at today’s morning session. A total of 182 abstracts are published in this year’s meeting proceedings.

In his presentation today, Dr. Joseph Lucisano, president and CEO of GlySens, reviewed the Company’s progress developing a long term, fully-implanted glucose sensor system intended to function effectively as a subcutaneous implant for one or more years. Discussed were recent long term studies in which devices were implanted subcutaneously in pigs and operated for periods of four to twelve months as determined by experiment protocol. Telemetry signals were broadcast and received every ten seconds to twenty minutes and regular glucose response testing was performed. Devices were explanted at varying time intervals, tested extensively in vitro, and showed insignificant glucose and oxygen sensitivity changes. The tissue-implanted sensors showed response lags to rapid rate blood glucose challenges that averaged nine minutes and “A+B” error-grid performance was maintained at 96% or higher over one year of continuous operation. No systematic changes in response lag or other performance measures were seen over the implant period.