Innovative Technology Built on  Strong Science

Developed over many years, the Eclipse 3 sensor employs a number of unique and groundbreaking technologies to ensure a long lasting and accurate device

Unique Sensing Engine

GlySens uses a fundamentally different approach to measuring glucose than other CGM devices.

Oxygen Based Glucose Sensing
Unlike skin attached CGMs, GlySens technology relies on measuring oxygen rather than hydrogen peroxide as a signal for glucose concentration. This difference allows for the sensor to be more isolated from its tissue environment, enabling the sensing engine to run for years rather than days.

Multi-Channel Array
Rather than a single point measurement of glucose, the Eclipse 3 utilizes a redundant array of detectors to ensure a highly accurate measurement resistant to artifacts and noise.

Designed for Long Term Use

GlySens has developed and implemented a number of innovative solutions allowing the implant to operate for durations measured in years rather than days.

Anti-Inflammatory Drug Elution
Anti-inflammatory drug eluting membrane integrated onto the implant ensures a healthy tissue environment for the life of the device. This allows the implant to accurately measure glucose in the face of the body's foreign body response.

Stabilized Enzymes
State of the art immobilization methods have been developed allowing enzymes needed for sensing to remain active for periods unheard of in other devices and applications.

Unique Electrochemical Cell
GlySens employs a unique 3-electrode cell rather than the widely used 2-electrode system allowing the implant to run for extremely long durations.

Easily Replaceable
When it comes time to get a new sensor, a simple replacement of the implant into the existing tissue pocket created for the first device makes the process quick and easy.

Fully Integrated

Everything needed to measure and report glucose is built into the implant itself. No need for externally worn components or computation.

Integrated Power
Implant grade high density battery integrated into the implant allows for continuous operation for over two years without needing recharging or replacement.

Direct Connectivity
Bluetooth Low Energy built into the implant allows it to connect directly to devices outside the body, be it a phone or a watch or an insulin pump, enabling Automated Insulin Delivery and communication with other connected health applications through secure protocols.

Embedded Algorithms
All data processing and glucose calculation algorithms run on the embedded microprocessor in the implant, allowing the device to transmit a glucose measurement via Bluetooth without any processing needing to occur elsewhere.

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